What our partners say about our work

Brigitte Suhr

Director of Regional Programs, Coalition for the International Criminal Court

12 November 2012

“Following renewed action in 2012 by the Bolivian government to implement the Rome Statute within the Bolivian Criminal Code as well as the Bolivian Code of Criminal Procedure, PJI has adopted a “Manual on Implementation of the Rome Statute within the Bolivian legal system”, which aims at providing useful tools for legislators tasked with the implementation of this international instrument. The Manual, which takes a comprehensive look at recent developments in both international and Bolivian case law regarding crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide, has also been adopted with the purpose of providing judges, magistrates and other juridical operators with a tool which offers an in-depth analysis of the main characteristics and nature of the aforementioned international crimes.

We are confident that the Manual prepared by PJI will be a useful reference for the work which is being carried out by the national authorities charged with drafting new criminal legislation in Bolivia.”

Estelle Appiah

Former Chief Legislative Counsel, Director of Legislative Drafting, Ministry of Justice, Ghana

3 July 2012

“I would be very happy to recommend the work of the Peace and Justice Initiative.

During my tenure as Director of Legislative Drafting at the Ministry of Justice in Ghana I commissioned the Peace and Justice Initiative to undertake an expert review of the draft legislation for the implementation of the Rome Statute which my department had prepared.

I was very pleased to receive a Position Paper and an annotated copy of the Bill addressing various provisions on which constructive suggestions were made to strengthen the framework for fuller and more effective implementation. Despite the short time scale during which the Peace and Justice Initiative expert report had to be prepared, I found it thorough and detailed. …

… (t)he cooperation between the legislative drafting team and PJI as an expert NGO to strengthen draft legislation, was very useful and is a good model for the future.

I have been impressed with the work and goals of PJI, and since my retirement as Director of Legislative Drafting I have been serving on PJI’s Advisory Board.

I strongly recommend PJI for any assignments to do with the Rome statute and confirm that their assistance to the Government of Ghana was much appreciated.”