PJI Advanced Workshop on Adjudicating and Managing Atrocity Crimes Cases

On 14 to 18 November 2015, a team of experts organized by PJI led an advanced workshop on adjudicating and managing atrocity crimes cases in Kampala, Uganda. The participants in the workshop included Judges and Registrars of the High Court and Court of Appeal (Constitutional Court) of Uganda. The International Crimes Division of the High Court of Uganda was well-represented.

The PJI experts leading the workshop were Judge Daniel David Nsereko (STL), Helen Brady (ICC), Gregory Townsend (ICTY), and Yaiza Alvarez (STL), along with PJI Directors Matthew Gillett and Manuel Ventura. The topics covered included the development of international criminal law, the practicalities of managing atrocity crimes cases, the substantive law on crimes and modes of liability, procedure in atrocity crimes cases, and witness and victim protection. There was a strong focus on the draft Rules of Procedure and Evidence for the International Crimes Division, which a team of PJI members had helped to review.

Along with experts who participated in the workshop, PJI would like to thank TJ Adhihetty, Amelia Bleeker, Evelyn Anoya, and Nema Milaninia for their assistance with the Rules review. PJI would also like to thank Professor Joshua Niyo and the students at UCU for their assistance in providing the workshop.


Participants in the Advanced Workshop
Participants in the Advanced Workshop

Uganda Workshop 5

Visit to the International Crimes Division
Visit to the International Crimes Division, High Court of Uganda, Kampala